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Awards PID Color

PSA Gold Medal “Best of Show” Wushenjie I’m a Painter China
Cloud Honorable Mention Chenchong Love Call China
Cloud Honorable Mention Gilkerson John, EPSA Loch Ba United Kingdom
Cloud Honorable Mention Marathe Suniel, EPSA Old Man Portrait 1 India
Cloud Honorable Mention Pustovoy Yury Ireland Russia
Cloud Honorable Mention Stake Jan Thomas, GMPSA Jenny and Violin Sweden
Cloud Honorable Mention Suloev Alexey, PPSA Fog in the Grove Russia
Cloud Honorable Mention Tan Lee Eng Xiapu Round Nets Singapore
Cloud Honorable Mention Weaver Ken Top of Amicalola Falls USA
Cloud Honorable Mention Wushenjie Red and Shadow China


An Xiping Dam Late Autumn China
An Xiping Galloping Horse China
Bormann Stan, EPSA Covent Gardens Burgers USA
Bormann Stan, EPSA La Charite Sur Loire 7799 USA
Busquets Nuell Jordi Arpella Spain
Busquets Nuell Jordi L Arbre Dels Estels Spain
Chai Jiajun The Nenets campsite4 China
Chapman John, GMPSA Long Camel Line Australia
Chapman John, GMPSA Fitzroy Towers Australia
Che Arnaldo Paulo Happy Little Monk 1 Hong Kong
Che Arnaldo Paulo Himba Dance Hong Kong
Cheang Sherman Playing Time Macau
Chen Xinxin, MPSA Aquaculture Fence15 China
Chen Xinxin, MPSA Xiapu5 China
Chen Guangyao Bright and Brave China
Chenchong Love Call (Cloud HM) China
Cheung Sinkai Casting Iron 2 Australia
Chu Chen Chu Break The Wave Australia
Chu Chen Chu Into The Sky Australia
Cuppens Jos, EPSA Reklame Belgium
Cuppens Jos, EPSA Roosje Belgium
Dalvi Prasad Tiny Insect India
Das Prosenjit Rural Art India
Das Prosenjit River Bed India
Dingchaozhi The New Legend of Angkor China
Dingchaozhi Afternoon China
Fang Li Three in Working China
Fung Chau Yuk Game 002 Hong Kong
Gilbert Jeremiah Halong Bay USA
Gilbert Jeremiah Kuressare Castle USA
Gilkerson John, EPSA Quarry Sentinel United Kingdom
Gilkerson John, EPSA Loch Ba (Cloud HM) United Kingdom
Habringer Wolfgang Hongkong 69 Austria
Habringer Wolfgang Autumn Comes 17 Austria
Halim Jansen Reading By The Lights Indonesia
Harper Richard, EPSA Spring Sensation United Kingdom
Huang Haiyan Devout19 China
Joshi Saras Painted Stork witha Kill India
Joshi Saras Butterflies in Action India
Krisprimandoyo Pass Under The Bridge Indonesia
Kwan Phillip, GMPSA/s Fishing at Inle Lake Canada
Kwan Phillip, GMPSA/s Aurora Over Devils Teeth 15 Canada
Lee Grace Can, PPSA Baby in the Bag Australia
Lee Grace Can, PPSA Child from Mountain Da Liang Shan Australia
Lee Sau Yan Jackson Hawker Hong Kong
Luo Yan Hongcun5 China
Luo Yan Sheep Grabing on Horseback 4 China
Luo Jingru, PPSA Bao USA
Luo Jingru, PPSA Grass House USA
Mak Han Meng Opera@Serious Role Malaysia
Mak Han Meng Purification83 Malaysia
Marathe Suniel, EPSA Old Man Portrait 1 (Cloud HM) India
Marathe Suniel, EPSA Magnificent Husna India
Maung Thi Ha Plastic and Recycle Myanmar
Maung Thi Ha Together Meditation at Night Myanmar
Morgan Peter I Could Have Been a Contender Wales
Morgan Peter Katie Wales
Pop Ovi D. Witchy Romania
Pop Ovi D. Weather snake Romania
Pustovoy Yury Ireland (Cloud HM) Russia
Pustovoy Yury Seascape I Russia
Pustovoy Yury Seascape Russia
Quek Chinghong Matial Art 2 Malaysia
Rasputnis Alexander,PPSA Gift Of The Ocean USA
Stake Jan Thomas, GMPSA Jenny and Violin (Cloud HM) Sweden
Stake Jan Thomas, GMPSA Bongeline Taking a Bath Sweden
Suloev Alexey, PPSA Fog in the Grove (Cloud HM) Russia
Suloev Alexey, PPSA I am not afraid Russia
Tam Kam Chiu Dragon Boats 6198 Canada
Tam Kam Chiu Maple Leaf Canada
Tan Lee Eng Xiapu Round Nets (Cloud HM) Singapore
Tan Lee Eng Yang Village Buffalo Singapore
Tan Yee Wei Chinese Opera 1 Malaysia
Teuschel Peter, PPSA Art Germany
Teuschel Peter, PPSA Fish Germany
Tin Khaing Sandar Martial Arts 5 Singapore
Vitale Pasquale Crepuscolo Italy
Vitale Pasquale Passo Delle Streghe Italy
Wan Yi, GMPSA Canyon 12 China
Wan Yi, GMPSA Exploring the Canyon 37 China
Wang Lung Tsai Malaysia1 Taiwan
Wang Lung Tsai Malaysia2 Taiwan
Weaver Ken Orange Tulip USA
Weaver Ken Top of Amicalola Falls (Cloud HM) USA
Wolfgang Schweden, GMPSA American White Pelican 1 C Germany
Wolfgang Schweden, GMPSA Sexy Woman 1 C Germany
Wolfgang Schweden, GMPSA Lace Shirt 1 Germany
Woolgar Christine, PPSA One Missing United Kingdom
Woolgar Christine, PPSA Through The Gap United Kingdom
Wujiexiong In extremely Good Fortune Figure China
Wushenjie Human Body and Geometry China
Wushenjie I’m a Painter (PSA Gold Medal – Best of Show) China
Wushenjie Red and Shadow (Cloud HM) China
Yu Jurong Traditional Industry4 Hong Kong
Zhu Hanju Daemon1 China
Zhu Hanju The Mirror Raider China
Zuffo Emanuele, PPSA Ultima Fioritura Italy