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Medals & Honorable Mentions Nature

PSA Gold Medal King Francis, MPSA Defending Its Quarry Canada
PSA Silver Medal Feng Tracy Shuxi, PPSA Intimacy USA
PSA Bronze Medal Busquets Plaja Albert Ataque 3 SPAIN
PSA Honorable Mention Cheung Koon Nam, MPSA Golden Eagle Landing 05 Hong Kong
PSA Honorable Mention Luo Jingru Chong USA
PSA Honorable Mention Suloev Alexey White Dance – Canada Russian Federation


Agapov Sergey A Large Migration Of Wildebeest Russian Federation
Agapov Sergey In The Vastness Of Arctic Russian Federation
Albrecht Urs, EPSA Pulsatilla Vulgaris Switzerland
Albrecht Urs, EPSA Purple Switzerland
AL-Mushaifri Abdulla Elephant Infant Qatar
Bacle Jean Claude, GMPSA Fish Catched France
Bacle Jean Claude, GMPSA Upupa Nourrissing 2 France
Bacle Jean Claude, GMPSA Ibex Group Show France
Bolgov Ruslan Island Of Calmness Lithuania
Bolgov Ruslan Time Guardians Lithuania
Busquets Plaja Albert Ataque 3 (PSA Bronze Medal) Spain
Chen Lanfeng Go Home At Dusk China
Chen Xinxin Come In One By One China
Cheng Lin Starcraft China
Cheung Koon Nam, MPSA Bee-eater In The Rain Hong Kong
Cheung Koon Nam, MPSA Golden Eagle Landing 05 (PSA HM) Hong Kong
Daley Gregory, EPSA Giraffes In The Valley USA
Daley Gregory, EPSA Cattle Egret Perched USA
Feng Tracy Shuxi, PPSA It Is My Place USA
Feng Tracy Shuxi, PPSA Intimacy (PSA Silver Medal) USA
Fong Wai-tak Speed Hong Kong
Fu Wei Leave It To Me Canada
Fu Wei Feeding Baby Canada
Geizler Moshe, EPSA Three Cormorats Together Israel
Geizler Moshe, EPSA White Pelican At Washing Israel
Grant Brian, PPSA Cormorant Flight 07 USA
Grant Brian, PPSA Great Blue With Snake 27 USA
Gu Xiao Family USA
Hoffmann Marianne, EPSA I am Fine Germany
Hoffmann Marianne, EPSA Pelikan_1 Germany
Huang Min Egret China
Huang Min Kung Fu China
Jung Elva KP Hurry Up Hong Kong
Jung Elva KP Shower Time Hong Kong
Killen Roy, GMPSA Mothers Watchful Eye Australia
Killen Roy, GMPSA Hippo And Grey Heron Australia
King Francis, MPSA Defending Its Quarry (PSA Gold Medal) Canada
King Francis, MPSA Jelly Fish In Blue Realm Canada
Kwan Phillip, GMPSA White Tailed Eagle Grab Fish 8 Canada
Kwan Phillip, GMPSA Brown Bear Fighting 6 Canada
Luo Jingru Chong (PSA HM) USA
Luo Jingru Fun Time USA
McTighe Elena, FPSA Talons Down USA
McTighe Elena, FPSA Frog On Daisy USA
Meinberg Volker, GMPSA Just Survived Germany
Meinberg Volker, GMPSA Ilulissat Icefjord 08 Germany
Pal Teravagimov I am Getting Angry Germany
Pal Teravagimov The Four Musketeers Germany
Pan Jinming Slender West Lake Dawn China
Peer Albert Departure Austria
Peer Albert Golden Eagle Austria
Pop Ovi D. Lunch Is Ready Romania
Pustovoy Yury Scotland Russian Federation
Pustovoy Yury Sunrise In Sahara Russian Federation
Rasputnis Alexander Red Eye Tree Frog USA
Rasputnis Alexander Erbauer USA
Riehle Gunther, APSA Harp Seal In Ice Cave Germany
Riehle Gunther, APSA Family Icebergs 6 Germany
Stake Jan-Thomas, GMPSA Moose No4 Sweden
Stake Jan-Thomas, GMPSA Taking Off Sweden
Suloev Alexey Toroweap – USA Arizona Russian Federation
Suloev Alexey White Dance – Canada (PSA HM) Russian Federation
Taborda Joao, PPSA Lunch Portugal
Taborda Joao, PPSA The Little Boy Portugal
Tam Kam Chiu Curiosity Owl Canada
Tan Lee Eng Grey-Chinned Minivet Singapore
Tran Tuan Pelican A129 USA
Tran Tuan Reddish Egret 7A4 USA
Truong Chuan Great Fall Stream USA
Truong Chuan Killarney Sky USA
Vaidya Prashant Roaring Tiger India
Wan Yi Indomitable China
Wan Yi Monkey 69 China
Xiao Steven Stream China
Zatulove Howard Sunrise Point HooDoo Bryce NP USA
Zatulove Howard Oxbow Bend GTNP USA